Ventilation & Extraction Statements For Planning

As part of the planning Application documents, details of the position and technical specifications of the design of ventilation and extraction equipment, including odour abatement techniques and acoustic noise characteristics, are required to accompany all applications for the use of premises for purposes within use classes:

  • A3 (ie Restaurants and cafes – use for the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises)
  • A4 (ie Drinking establishments – use as a public house, wine-bar or other drinking establishment)
  • A5 (ie Hot food takeaways – use for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises)
  • B1 (general business)
  • B2 (general industrial)

This information will also be required for significant retail, business, industrial or leisure or other similar developments where substantial ventilation or extraction equipment is proposed to be installed.

We offer the facility to produce the ventilation statements for planning and our M&E expertise ensures all information detailed in the statement can actually be installed and is correct for the purpose of the development.